Purchase of used automation


If you notice an accumulation of used industrial automation equipment, contact us. We will buy it from you. 

We also buy new and used industrial automation, both functioning and damaged. All we need is a list of the pieces of equipment you'd like to sell along with photographs of. The more information you can provide, the better. Our team will estimate the value of your equipment based on the materials you provide. 

If you accept our offer, we will arrange transport of the equipment from anywhere in the world.

Remember, we buy used and discontinued industrial automation equipment, so don't wait any longer to contact us. 


We undertake the comprehensive relocation of production machines – we handle dismantling the machines and reassembling them at a location determined by the client. Transferring machines consists of disassembling them in one place and transporting them to another place, which requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

We disassemble and reassemble machines both new and used, depending on the needs of our clients. Thanks to our expertise and experience, we can also offer advice on the transportation of machinery. 

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