What are the flat rate repairs?

We know that the repair time is particularly important at failures of production lines and other equipment associated with the industry. In this case, every day counts, so we make our repair almost immediately.

You only pay once
This is possible by reducing formalities to a minimum, without transferring and accepting valuations of individual repairs. The customer pays once and receives in return a fully functional, refurbished device covered by a one year warranty.

Comprehensive repair
Flat rate repair is a new service on the Polish market, which consists of purchasing a complete overhaul of any device. Repair will be carried out very quickly; its duration is up to two days (plus the time needed for transport). If we don’t manage to do it in time, we pay your money back.

12-month warranty
Repairs are performed by the best specialists and therefore the repaired devices are as reliable as new products. We grant 24-month guarantee for the entire unit with an option to extend it to 24 months.

Safe transport
As a result, our customers can be assured that the repaired device will be effective for a long time yet. In view of the fact that a large group of our customers is located outside Europe, all devices shipped from our Service are professionally packed. As a result, we can safely send fully operating equipment to virtually any destination in the world, being confident that nothing would happen to them.
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