Why Use a Flat Rate Repair?

After more than 16 years of experience in the repair of industrial automation, we are the undisputed leader in the industry. We treat each device individually, and carefully diagnose any problems. Devices repaired by us are also refurbished appropriately, so that they function as new ones.

more than 15,000 repairs carried out so far

27 repair stations

98 % effectiveness

Only specialists

Short lead times

Therefore, we carry out repairs immediately, i.e.:

  • Regular repair - 5 days
  • Express repair - 2 days

In addition, if we receive your notification before noon, we send a courier on the same day.

We also run service trips to fix the device directly at the customer
  • We select our Service team accordingly to the type of fault
  • We conduct tests and controlled commissioning of equipment
  • In urgent cases of failure, we organize express service trips

The warranty on the entire unit

You receive the repaired unit from us as a fully functional and tested by our specialists. This is why we grant 24-month warranty on it, extendable to 24.

The warranty covers the entire unit, not just the repair made.

If we fail to fix the device, we do not leave our customer without help. We are always able to offer something in return, for example, a new/used unit or the use of its replacements.

If we fail to repair the device within 5 days (2 for the Express repair), we return the customer the fee paid for the service.

Safe transport

You do not have to worry about damage to the device during transport. We know how important it is to deliver each product to the customer safely. Thanks to long-term work with UPS, we have developed innovative ways to protect equipment in transit.

We use three types of packing of the devices shipped:

    • A wooden crate – it provides maximum safety of large units, such as motors. They are able to survive many shocks lurking on the road. By securely attaching our products, they reach our customers in perfect condition.

    • Instapak – high-quality filler for packaging protects our smaller devices. With this form of protection, products always reach the customer undamaged, and in a neat package.

  • Dedicated pallets– devices with custom dimensions and weight are transported on dedicated pallets, allowing for safe shipping of large appliances.
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