Hotline 24/7

Service description:

The service allows for servicing and collecting the purchased device outside of working hours. Our staff are ready to offer you prompt assistance from Monday to Friday between 5 pm and 7 am and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Conditions of Service:

In order to use the Service, you will need to submit a signed form for “Service 24/7” and pay a fee according to the “Service 24/7” Pricelist.


How to receive the service?

Call the 24-hour helpline: +71 325 15 05. Our consultant will then discuss with you all formalities related to the Service and schedule a drop-off or pick up time at RGB Elektronika office.


Response time:

Fast response time for reported production downtime related to industrial automation failure is our priority. We will be ready to take the device for repair or return it within four hours from the time of your request.

How much does the Service cost?

The “Serwis 24/7” requires a non-refundable fee to be paid. The initial fee for servicing the device is PLN 3,000.00 net and if you would like to pick up the purchased device outside of working hours, PLN 2,000.00 net has to be added to its price. The fee is collected on arrival and it is independent of the service result.


How does the process look like after taking the device for repair?

A consultant, who will take the device and complete all formalities, will wait for you in the Customer Care Point. The device will be then transferred to the service centre. Our consultant will be at your disposal during the whole time of the maintenance works. Our first step will be to check the condition of the device and possibilities to repair it. You will receive an offer indicating the cost of the repair and the shortest possible time we need to do it. We will start the repair as soon as you accept the terms and conditions of the service. If it is possible, the repair will be done the same day.


Warranty for the device:

Every device we sell or repair is covered by a 12-month warranty.

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