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1.208,30 € zzgl. Steuern ( 1.486,21 € Inkl. Steuern)
1.208,30 € zzgl. Steuern ( 1.486,21 € Inkl. Steuern)


A simple PLC technology based driver, dedicated for turret lathe control
It's perfectly suited for controlling of 5 axes (including CS axis) and 2 spindles. Communication with servomechanisms through a GSK-CAN serial bus. Thanks to a high resolution positioning, it meets the precision processing and turning requirements.

GSK988T is the best choice for a free-standing CNC lathe and advanced machine tool centres.

Technical parameters

Number of axes 5 axes (including Cs axis) + 2 spindles
Screen 8.4" LCD
Maximum size of a CNC program stored in a driver 36M
Number of digital inputs and outputs Basic I/O: 40 inputs/ 32 outputs
I/O Control Panel: 96 inputs/ 96 outputs
Dimensions 260x290x50


Creating and restoring backup copies of the program and machine data
USB interface, ability to update the software
Fixed, simple, jump, variable scale threading:
  • min. jump: 0.01 mm ~ 500 mm
  • ability to set additional threading parameters
Possibility of two-spindle operation:
  • 2 control channels, 0-10V
  • 2-channel encoding input
  • ability to control the spindle through a driver or plc
  • (50-120% of speed rating)
PLC feature:
  • extensive instruction set
  • many PLC programs (a choice of 16 programs)
  • Ability of editing programs in the background

An example of encasing and wiring in a control cabinet

It's possible of encasing and wiring in a control cabinet shown below. For and additional fee, our service can modernize and start the machine up with the newly purchased GSK controls.

  • Weight [kg] 11.0000
  • Height [cm] 31
  • Length [cm] 46
  • Width [cm] 31
  • Model GSK988T
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